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How to prepare your project for printing

Follow these simple steps to ensure your print job meets our submission requirements.

Before you hit "send" on your printing project, follow the steps below to ensure you're providing us with all the information and materials we need to ensure a top-quality finished product.

  • Proof your entire document. It's easier to make changes now than after you've submitted your project files. And keep in mind that alterations to your project done by us may incur additional fees. Check out our blog post, "Proofing tips & tricks", for a checklist to guide you through the proofing process.
  • Collect your files. We prefer to receive printing projects in PDF format. However, if you choose to use another method, such as a collected Adobe InDesign project, ensure that all associated files are provided. This includes typefaces, graphics, and photos.
  • Provide a PDF or printed proof. On your proof, indicate the position of folds, score lines, perforations, diecuts, foil stamping or other embellishments.
  • Let us know. Contact your LG Sales Consultant by phone or email to let them know that your files are on their way to us. If you require a hardcopy proof before printing, this is the time to let your Sales Consultant know.