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What's in a name?

After 95 years, Leech Printing is now Leech Group.

For 95 years, Leech Printing has been a respected and trusted member of the western Manitoba business community. From its early years as a trade printer and publisher, to the arrival of automated technologies and new printing techniques, we’ve constantly adapted to offer our clients the latest innovations in communications. Now, the time has arrived to position the company for what the future holds. Today, we’re proud to introduce Leech Group, and our new slogan, "Grounded in Print. Redefining Communications."

The Leech family name still features prominently. Our connection to the past is important. The addition of “Group” conveys that although the we will always be “Grounded in Print”, our services have grown over the years to encompass new digital communications services. Our range of services are represented by these business units: Leech Printing (printing and large format), Digital Media (graphic design, website design and online services), Print Media (publications), Retail ( and a soon-to-be-introduced retail ordering site) and Best Promos (advertising specialties at