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Submitting files for printing

Here are five options that will ensure your files get to us quickly and efficiently.

As a printing customer of Leech Group, there are five ways to submit files for printing. Regardless of the method used, please review our blog post, "How to prepare your project for printing", before sending us materials for your project.

1. EMAIL – For small projects (15MB or less), you can email the files directly to your LG Sales Representative. Please place a description of your project in the subject line of your email. e.g. "Files for Brandon History Book".

2. ONLINE FORM — If using this option, you MUST obtain your project/docket number from your LG Sales Representative before proceeding. This option is recommended for small projects or files up to 20MB in size. Complete the online form and upload your file (you can only upload one file at a time); if you are sending multiple files, you will need to compress your files and save them as a single ZIP file. You will be asked to specify your LG Sales Representative and to provide the project (docket) number.

3. WETRANSFER.COM — If you are sending a large file (greater than 15MB) or multiple files at one time, we recommend using The service has a free tier that allows you to send up to 2GB of files at one time. The site uses a simple drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to collect all the files you need to send. Send your files to your LG Sales Representative's email address, unless otherwise indicated. notifies you when your files have been delivered to us and also when the recipient has actually downloaded them, so that you know your files have been received.

4. USB DRIVE — Many clients find that submitting larger projects on a USB drive is a convenient way to organize their files.

5. CLOUD SERVICE — For large, ongoing projects, some clients provide us with access to a shared directory on an online service such as Google Drive, DropBox or Microsoft OneDrive. Please consult with your LG Sales Representative if you wish to use this option.